dbreport -- Extracts data froom a compressed data base according to a template


    dbreport [-hpw] [-d dirname] [-f filename] [-l dirname] [-L dirname]
             [-n field1,field2,...] [-o filename] [-t filename]
             [-T document_title] [start_record [final_record]


   -d[irecotry] puts results in the named directory;
                "./data/" is the default output directory
   -f[ile]      uses the follwoing file name as the data source;
                if file_name is "-", uses STDIN;
                "./parts.cdb" is the detault data source
   -h[elp]      produces this help message
   -l[ink]      following dir_name is top of the directory tree in Unix space for links;
                default is to use "./file_cabinet/"
   -L[ink]      following dir name is top of the directory tree in Web space for links;
                default is to use "./"
   -n[names]    outputs data only for the named fields;
                default is to output data for all fields
   -o[utput]    uses following name for output files;
                default is "##-data", where ## is the Project No.
   -p{lain]     produes "simple" HTML output; i.e.: no tables
   -t[abs]      file contains tab spacing for use in plain output
                default is "./parts.tdb"
   -T[itle]     use the following text string as a report title
   -v[ervose]   produces diagnostics on STDOUT
   -w[eb]       produces HTML and TSV output files (default)
   If a file parts.pdb exists, it is read as a list of file suffixes
   for which document links are valid; if no such file exists, the
   default is PDF, TXT.
   In generating an HTML file for the output, after some
   preliiminaries the contents of the file C<base.html> is copied to
   the output prior to the actual record data being written.
   If no record number is given, the entire data base is processed
   If one one record number is given, only that record and all its
   sub-records are processed.


Subject to all the flags listed above, by default this program takes a set of data records from a file parts.idb and generates an HTML-formatted file displaying the contents of the data base. Links to all available displayable documents are placed on the primary document numbers. Links to the sub-directories containing all the relevant documents are placed on the revision field.

The program tabsset is called in "plain" mode to generate explicit no-break-spaces for HTML in lieu of tabs. tabset is passed the contents of "parts.tdb" as arguments if available. (The default output mode is to produce one long HTML table.)

In parallel with the HTML output, a tab-separated-value file is generated, suitable for importing into spreadsheet programs.


Alternatives to the file base.html should be available via a flag on the command line.


High Level programs


Low Level programs/files

base.html parts.cdb parts.tdb tabset


Bob Goeke

RCS Information

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