dbputaway -- Puts documents into a data base e-file directory tree


    dbputaway [-f] [-h]


    -f[orce]    run with no error checking on e-file
    -h[elp]     produces this help messagn.


This program is limited to use with standard Configuration Data Base documents and directory structures.

All files in the current directory are acted upon. The syntax of the standard numbering system is partially checked, and only valid suffixes are allowed (see the -help message for the current, hardwired list). For each basename -- without suffix -- there must exist a file with either a "pdf" or "txt" suffix. (If a Postscript version exists, the program will try to generate a PDF from that.) The -f flag overrides this check.

There must exist, in the paraent directory to the current one, a link named "file_cabinet" which point to the top of the e-file tree. The program determines, based upon the file name, to which sub-directory each file should be moved. If the sub-directory does not exist, it is created. Pre-existing files are not overwritten; again, the -f flag will override.

After the files are moved, they are set to read-only. No files remain in the current directory unless there has been a execution failure.


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Bob Goeke

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