DB -- dbprint


dbprint -- print each record in a database according to a template


     dbprint [-d[ebug]  
             [-w[rap] #
             [-x[change] string
             format_filename <input >output


        -d prints debugging info to STDERR
        -h prints help message
        -w wraps the line at the next available whitespace in string
        -x exchange "string" for any occurance of "\%" in template


This program prints to STDOUT a formated dump of a compressed data base file according to a template found in named format file. Each record is the data base is processed successively with no intervening characters or whitespace between records. The data base file must conform to the standards set by dbnormal.

The format file may contain any text, but every string delimited so:

\(string) will be substitued for by the value of the data field so named. (Forms such as \[string], \<string>, or \:string: are also OK. Adjacent blank lines are suppressed.
\n \t \f in the template will force a new line/tab/formfeed respectively to occur in the output.
\? at the beginning of a template line causes that line to be output only if a valid substitution occurs elsewhere in the line.
\% anywhere in the template will be replaced by the the value of the field specified by the -x flag in the command line.


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Bob Goeke

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