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What do all these funny numbers mean?

  1. The drawing number system for this project is described in the following for a typical drawing: aa-bbccdd.eeff
    1. The 43 in the aa position denotes the Coral Reef Mission Project.
    2. The first digit after the - denotes a major, complete assembly (see Table of Contents).
    3. The second and third digits denote a major subassembly.
    4. The fourth and fifth digits denotes items constituent to the subassemblies.
    5. The first and second digits after the decimal (generally) from a parts list for a lowest level assembly.
    6. The third and fourth digits after the decimal are available if further breakdown is necessary.

  2. Drawing size is indicated by prefixing the drawing size letter to the number. A T indicates a text document. A number prefix is also used for the number of sheets, ( e.g. 2B ). Controlled purchased parts are indicated by a > in this column.

    Revisions are shown by a letter in the Rev column. Initial releases are designated as A. Pre-released revisions are indicated by a number starting with 01.

    In the special case of Verification Reports, the drawing size indicates the number of individual reports contributing to the total. The revision letter will be either a P to indicate the item is partially verified or a C to indicate the item is complete.

  3. Drawings which show *** ? *** under the Description column will be purchased parts that have not yet been selected.

  4. Archives of drawings and documents are kept in the CRM file_cabinet directory. The file name is of the form bccdd_eeffSk_rn.type and is write-protected from all access but that of the configuration manager.
    1. The first digits (bccdd_eeff) are the same as those in the Configuration Database. The 85- is missing, and the dots are replaced with an underscore.
    2. In the case of a multi-sheet drawing, a capital S followed by a page number k preceeding the .rn suffix.
    3. The revision number n of the drawing is an upper-case alphanumeric -- e.g. 01 or C. Typically, all revisions, past as well as current, are kept on file.
    To make the file system more accessible, a directory structure based on the first few digits' meaning is used. For example 43-12345_06_rK.dwg would be found in a directory ../file_cabinet/1/23/45/12345_06 along with all prior revisions.

Table of Contents

0.... Reference Documents
1.... Flight Cameras
7.... Baseline Data Camera
8.... Ground Support Equipment
9.... Components

Size Dwg #           Rev (Quan)  Description                                               Comments

    43-00000               REFERENCE DOCUMENTS                                            
    43-01000               Management                                                     
4T  43-01001        04     ..Mission Organization Chart                                   27 Feb 02
    43-01002               ..Mission Task Descriptions                                    
    43-01100               Progress Reports                                               
    43-01101               ..MIT Reports                                                  
2T  43-01101.01     01     ....January 2002                                               6 Feb 02
2T  43-01101.02     01     ....February 2002                                              27 Feb 02
1T  43-01101.03     01     ....March 2002                                                 29 Mar 02
1T  43-01101.04     01     ....April 2002                                                 8 May 02
1T  43-01101.05     01     ....May 2002                                                   3 June 02
1T  43-01101.06     01     ....June 2002                                                  8 July 02
1T  43-01101.07     01     ....July 2002                                                  5 Aug 02
1T  43-01101.08     01     ....August 2002                                                3 Sep 02
2T  43-01101.09     01     ....September 2002                                             9 Oct 02
    43-02000               Mission Proposal                                               
    43-02001               ..Observatory                                                  
    43-02001.01            ....Science Instruments                                        
    43-02001.02            ....Spacecraft                                                 
    43-02002               ..Launch                                                       
    43-02003               ..Mission Operations                                           
    43-02004               ..Science Operations                                           
    43-02005               ..Baseline Data                                                
    43-02010               ..Quality Assurance                                            
    43-03000               Interface Control Documents                                    
16T 43-03001        01     ..Science Instrument Data to S/C                               4 Oct 02
    43-03002               ..Science Instrument Electrical to S/C                         
    43-03003               ..Science Instrument Mechanical to S/C                         
    43-03003.01            ....Global Alignment Requirements                              
    43-03003.02            ....Pointing Knowledge Requirements                            
D   43-03003.10     02     ....Short Telescope Layout                                     
B   43-03003.1001   OBS    ......Isometric                                                
B   43-03003.1002   OBS    ......Optical Axis                                             
B   43-03003.1003   OBS    ......Top view                                                 
B   43-03003.1004   OBS    ......Side view                                                
D   43-03003.11     02     ....Long Telescope Layout                                      
B   43-03003.1101   OBS    ......Isometric                                                
B   43-03003.1102   OBS    ......Optical Axis                                             
B   43-03003.1103   OBS    ......Top view                                                 
B   43-03003.1104   OBS    ......Side view                                                
B   43-03003.12     01     ....Instrument Accomodation                                    
    43-03004               ..Science Instrument Thermal to S/C                            
    43-03005               ..Science Instrument Contamination Requirements                
    43-03050               ..Spacecraft to Launch Vehicle                                 
    43-03100               Verification Procedures                                        
    43-04000               Major Contracts and Agreements                                 
    43-04001               ..Planetary Coral Reef Foundation to MIT                       
4T  43-04001.01     A      ....Teaming for Proposal                                       12 Oct 01
    43-04002               ..Spacecraft Vendor                                            
7T  43-04002.01     01     ....Solicitation of Industrial Partners                        
2T  43-04002.0101   01     ......Emendations                                              
    43-04002.02            ....Report of the Evaluation Team                              
    43-04002.0201          ......Evaluation Form                                          
    43-04003               ..Launch Provider                                              
    43-05000               Analysis and Models                                            
    43-05001               ..Mechanical Stress Analysis                                   
    43-05002               ..Optical Alignment Error Budget                               
    43-08000               Design and Use Documention                                     
    43-08001               ..Design Memos                                                 
    43-08001.01            ....Orbit Selection                                            
    43-08050               ..Detail Design Documents                                      
    43-08080               ..Flight Camera Operations                                     
    43-09000               Reliabity and Quality Assurance                                
13T 43-09001        01     ..Mission Quality Assurance Plan                               27 Feb 02

    43-10000               Flight Cameras                                                 
    43-10100               Electrical Drawings                                            
    43-10101               ..Block Diagrams                                               
    43-10101.01            ....System Block Diagram                                       
    43-10102               ..Cabling                                                      
    43-10102.01            ....Block Diagram Connector Layout                             
    43-10110               ..Schematics                                                   

    43-70000               Baseline Data Collection System                                

    43-80000               GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT                                       
    43-80100               Mechanical GSE                                                 
    43-80200               Electrical GSE                                                 

    43-90000               COMPONENTS                                                     
    43-90100               Purchased Subassemblies                                        
    43-90200               EEE Parts                                                      
    43-90201               ..Connectors                                                   

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