CRaTER -- statistics


statistics -- Calculate mean and RMS deviations of CRaTER science data


    statistics [-h] [-m] [-n] [-p port_address] [-r filename] [-v]


    -m   reports the mean/std dev/min/max values over the sample
          (default is to report only std dev for six detectors)
    -n   specifies number of samples prior to calculation [1000]
    -p   set port address [11403]
    -r   take input from filename rather than UDP port
    -t   add packet time in LRO-seconds and UTC to output
    -v   verbose display


This program gathers primary science data and calculates, for a given interval, the mean, maximum, minimum, and RMS deviation about the mean for each detector chain. The input is the raw CCSDS packet stream.

To reduce the noise generated by occasional cosmic rays which, in practice, deposit relatively small amounts of charge, during alternate collection intervals the true mean of all events is calculated and then a threshold 20 ADU below that value is used to reject spurious events. This program is only meant to be used with monoenergetic inputs.

For ease of use, this program many be invoked by the CStatistics script.


    perl5.002     Minimum version of Perl interpreter required


None admitted to.


CStatistics, lf_zero


Bob Goeke

RCS Information

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