CRaTER -- CNoise


sf_log, sf_noise -- Common High Level CRaTER Functional Test Utilities

    sf_facility - displays facility housekeeping in a small window
    sf_log     -- runs the CArchive script in a small window
    sf_noise   -- runs the CStatistics script in a small window


    sf_facility | sf_log | sf_noise [args]


    none; see DESCRIPTION


This program resides in the directory as sf_noise; all other program names are simply aliases.

These wrapper programs are provided primarily for use with the Short Form and Long Form Functional tests; their default behavior is keyed to those uses. If you insist on providing arguments, they will be passed on blindly to the underlying programs, CComment for sf_facility, CArchive for sf_log and CStatistics for sf_noise. You should read those man pages for further information.


    perl5.6       Minimum version of Perl interpreter required
    CRATERTOOLS   Environment variable containing path to CRaTER utilities
    CRATER_GSE    Environment variable containing EGSE machine name


This script has the property that the termination of the underlying program (e.g.: CArchive) also closes the X window. If things are proceeding normally, that is a good thing. If the underlying program generates an error and exits, however, the user will never see the error message in the quickly closing window.


High Level programs

CArchive, CStatistics, CComment

Low Level programs

rtlm, tincan, statistics, facility


Bob Goeke

RCS Information

$Id: sf_noise,v 2.2 2007/08/28 14:43:57 goeke Exp goeke $