CRaTER -- o_aquire




    o_acquire [-h] [-L] [-r filename] [-S] [-v] host_nmae


    -h   prints full help message
    -L   assumes localhost is the GSE
    -r   recover data from an rtlm archive file
    -S   recover data from the SOC L2 data base
    -v   verbose output


This program updates *.rrd files with CRaTER housekeeping and secondary science data. In the real-time mode (no -S flag) it reads data from a pdist pipe continuously. In the SOC data base mode it recovers data from 24 hours ago until the present, using calls to SData, and then exits.

This program must be executed from the directory in which the *.rrd files have been initialized.

"rrdtool" is invoked as part of an output pipe for efficiency reasons (instead of issuing an "rrdtool update" for each packet received).


    perl5.6       Minimum version of Perl interpreter required
    CRATER_GSE    Environment variable containing EGSE or SOC machine name


We attempt on exit to contact the GSE and close the telemetry pipeline if running off a pdist process; if this process fails for some reason, the GSE will continue pumping out data on the assigned UDP socket.


Low Level Programs

pdist, rtlm, calcurve

High Level Programs

o_setup, o_display, rrdtool, SData


Bob Goeke

RCS Information

$Id: o_acquire,v 2.4 2009/06/23 14:59:37 goeke Exp goeke $