CRaTER -- craterCheck


craterCheck -- Search for errors in CRaTER packets in test mode


    craterCheck        # For use on SUN Solaris machines
    craterCheck.mac    # For use on Mac OS X machines
    craterCheck.exe    # For use on Windows machines
    craterCheck.c      # Source code


    Uses only STDIN and STDOUT


This program verifies the data integrity of the CraterInstrument, as well as the operation of the SRAM and 1553 bus subsystems. Although useful for looking at packets emitted by the intrument in normal mode, running the intrument in ``text'' mode provides a more thorough diagnostic. First set up a data archiving process. Then the commands

  echo 8

sent to the instrument will start a cycle of internal diagnostics whch should be allowed to continue for at least 2 minutes.

    rtlm-x <archive_data | craterCheck

will process the data.


PS - Primary Science SS - Secondary Science HK - Housekeeping SSCnt - Source Sequence Count

ApIDErr - Encountered an illegal Application Process ID (not equal to 120, 121 or 122)

HdrBitCorr - Corruption encountered at the beginning of the packet header
(check includes Version Number, Type and Secondary Header Flag)

PLen - indicates that the packet length field does not match the expected value.

SSCnt - (Source Sequence Counter) errors are listed for each ApID This error count is non-zero if the detected SSCnt is non-consecutive. Special cases were added to handle potential GSE problems: Drop1 indicates one dropped packet. Repeat1 indicates a duplicate packet.

Testmode data integrity checking is continued if the Drop1 or Repeat1 error is
found.  The program resynchs when a more serious PS SSCnt error is encountered.

Data Errors apply only to the PS Telemetry when the system is in TestMode. They indicate a test-mode pattern mismatch in the data portion of the packet. Data Errors are tabulated on a per packet basis and accumlated for all Testmode packets. If more than four errors are found in one packet, the MultErrs count is incremented and the system ``resynchs''.


The program will only work if provided the output of an rtlm -x process, with or without a 64-byte file header. The program is very intolerant of variations in input format and has only been used with an rtlm feed.


    rtlm-x.c, verify


Dorothy Gordon

RCS Information

$Id: craterCheck.c,v 1.4 2007/06/25 01:56:01 goeke Exp goeke $