CRaTER -- command.tcl


command.tcl -- a CRaTER command window


    command.tcl -- [-h] [-m mach_name] [-p tlm_port] [-q cmd_port] [-s] [-v]


    -h   prints full help message
    -m   specifies a machine name for handling commands
    -p   specifies a UDP port on which to receive telemetry
    -q   specifies a UDP port to which commands should be sent
    -s   take telemetry from STDIN
    -v   provides verbosity


This TCL/TK program will open a CRaTER command window, displaying a variety of secondary science and analog housekeeping telemetry and making available the ability to send commands. Commands are formatted as ASCII text compatible with the requirements of bcmd; commands will be emitted on STDOUT unless both the -m and -q flags are explicitly given. Telemetry is collected from an rtlm process which is piped through calcurve for the benefit of analog values. Both the bcmd (if required) and rtlm processes will be automatically started as pipes by this program.

This program may be more conveniently invoked by using CCmd.




Because we run under wish, the initial ``--'' in the argument string is required so that the following arguments are properly forwarded to the program.


High Level programs

CCmd, CHouse

Low Level programs

bcmd, calcurve, rtlm, tincan, house.tcl


Bob Goeke

RCS Information

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