CRaTER -- ar_limits_check


ar_limits_check -- Check Red/Yellow Limits


     ar_limits_check [-a] [-d2 #] [-h] [-m] [-s] [-T] [-v] filename


     -a    use ambient pressure temperature limits
     -d2   sets yellow singles threshold level for D2 counts [100]
     -h    provides help message
     -m    sets global yellow singles threshold level [20]
     -s    enables singles checking;
           this is enabled my implication if -m or -d2 flag is given
     -T    use expanded limits for Thermal/Vacuum testing
     -v    verbose mode


This script scans a single input file to report red/yellow limit violations of many CRaTER housekeeping parameters. Giving two -v flags will display the current limit table (after incorporating the effects of any -a, -d2, or -m flags).

Singles rates are checked if requested. In some environments, these messages can obscure any analog messages being displayed, so the default behavoir is to ignore these. The default singles thresholds are set to accomodate the primary flight unit, S/N 2. The ``red'' thresholds are arbitrarily set to be twice the respective ``yellow'' threshold.

Note that LLD and Calibration Amplitudes are not checked because all possible settings are valid.


    perl5.002     Minimum version of Perl interpreter required
    CRATERTOOLS   Environment variable containing path to CRaTER utilities
    CRATER_GSE    Environment variable containing EGSE machine name


The concept of ``RED-HI'' for singles rates is a tad overdone, but it does provide a useful flag.




Bob Goeke

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