CRaTER -- CReview


CReview -- Set up multiple windows to review archived data


    CReview [-h] [-n #] [-u] [-v] ]-F] [-T] filename1 [filesname2 ...]


    -h       Print help message
    -n #     Sets the data sample size for statistics
    -v       Causes BROWSE to be verbose
    -u       Causes rtlm to report time in UTC
    -F       Force use of Firefox for display
             (Safari is the default display program)
    -T       Force Tcl display of data


This program first starts a pdist process. It then starts a browse process in a separate window through which the reading of the file(s) can be controlled. The system is queried as to the availablity of the a web browser. If available a CWeb process is initiated to display secondary science and housekeeping; if not, the standard Tcl scripts are used. A statistics window is also opened.

The filenammes given must have a .bin, .hk, or .sci suffix.

If the filename argument contains a wildcard -- e.g.: * -- the program will extract the *.bin, *.hk, and *.sci files from the available list and process those, ignoring all others.


None reported yet.


High Level programs


Low Level programs

browse, c_monitor, calcurve, pdist, rtlm, statistics, command.tcl, house.tcl


Bob Goeke

RCS Information

$Id: CReview,v 1.13 2008/10/24 13:26:03 goeke Exp goeke $