CRaTER Data Base Report Writer

The report will be generated from the latest CRaTER data base, dated   11 September 2009 . 

To get all available records, leave both starting and ending drawing numbers = 00000
To get a single record (and it's elements), leave the ending drawing number = 00000

Starting Drawing No. 32-
This is the first drawing
included in the list


Ending Drawing No.   32-
This is the last drawing
included in the list


Output Fields Requested:

Select as many fields as
desired using Control key
with the Mouse button.

Instructions for generating change requests based on these reports

First an "*EDIT*" field must added to the usual Custom Report output.
Then on each line the *EDIT* field contents must be one of
   "A"   to indicate this line is an addition to the database
   "C"   to indicate that only those fields appearing in the input
         line are changed in the output file
   "D"   to indicate that this line is deleted from the database
   "N"   to indicate that no change is occuring for this line
Lines starting with a "#" are considered comments and ignored.

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