ACIS Live Engineering Data

Latest update: Thu Jun 27 07:10:02 UTC 2019

Hardware LEDs BEP A: FIF0_Empty
Software LEDs Science Active

ACIS Internal A Side B Side ACIS Thermal (C) A Side B Side SIM Thermal (C)
DEA Input Voltage 27.8828.32DPA -Y Temp17.7
-Y Shell (facing DPA)-32.3
DEA Input Current 1.50--DPA -Z Temp20.2
+Y Shell (facing HRC)-42.3
DEA Input Power 41.8--DEA -Z Temp16.3
+Z Shell (facing DEA)5.1
DPA Input Voltage 27.8928.26SS +Y (DEA) Temp16.3
+Z Shell (facing SS)10.1
DPA Input Current 1.120.92SS -Y (DPA) Temp18.8
-X Shell (facing SS)112.4
DPA Input Power 31.226.0PSMC Lid Temp71.8
-X Shell (facing HRC)-19.8

PSMC DEA Pwb27.419.3+X SIM (RCTU base)-3.1
DEA +28 Out (v) 30.48--Collimator

DEA +24 Out (v) 24.84--Camera Body-67.3-64.8TT at -Y foot-8.1
DEA +15 Out (v) 15.85--Starsys Housing
-32.6TT at +Y foot-6.5
DEA -15 Out (v) -15.90--Warm Radiator-82.0-84.0TT at +Z foot-10.6
DEA +6 Out (v) 6.15--Cold Radiator-126.5-125.5

DEA -6 Out (v) -6.30--Focal Plane----TT at Rail An/a
DPA +5 Out (v) 5.245.22

TT at Rail Cn/a
Diff. Pressure (torr) n/an/aDA Heater Bus Voltage 0.000.00

Door Open Actuator (C) ----DA Heater Voltage0.000.00Door Actuator RTD-27.6
Door Close Actuator (C) ----DA Heater Current0.000.00Door Shaft Angle70.1
Vent Open Actuator (C) n/an/aDA Actual-Setpoint----

Vent Close Actuator (C) n/an/aDA Heater Power----TT at Vent Valven/a

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