Litchfield, CT -- November 15-17, 2013
Please Register by October 25th

What are AMC Adventure Travel (AMC-AT) trips?

AMC Adventure Travel (formerly known as Major Excursions) trips are volunteer-led trips that typically take place more than 500 miles from any AMC chapter.  There are both domestic and international trips, and the duration of the trips vary from one week to three weeks.  Popular AMC Adventure Travel (AMC-AT) trips include hiking, backpacking, kayaking, biking, skiing (alpine and nordic), swimming, snorkeling and sightseeing.  These trips are designed to build on the AMC’s mission of recreation, conservation and education.

What are the benefits of becoming a leader with the AMC Adventure Travel Committee (AMC-ATC)?

The benefits of becoming a AMC-AT leader are plentiful.  First, the program allows you to build on your current chapter leadership skills and challenges you to create a unique experience for yourself and other AMC members.  It allows you to discover new locations with a group of people with similar interests or to revisit some old favorites from a different perspective.  The program is designed to subsidize most (or all) of your costs related to the excursion through a careful budgeting process.

What are the requirements to become an AMC-AT leader?

A website for AMC-AT Leaders and the AMC-AT Leader Handbook is at:  See in particular the Introduction and Chapter 1, Leader Qualifications.  We find it best if one has met some of the requirements and has had some experience leading AMC groups on weekend trips prior to taking the AMC-AT Leader Training.  It is most appropriate to take the AMC-AT Leader Training when you are ready to start planning and organizing AT trips.

How long does it take to become a AMC-AT leader?

If you already have significant chapter leadership experience, the process can take as little as a year.  If you are just starting out as a leader, there are a few minimum requirements related to chapter trip leading that need to be fulfilled.  AMC Adventure Travel leadership training is required, and since the course is only offered once a year, it is important to do the workshop at an appropriate time.  The other requirements can be fulfilled over time.

What if you do not have Chapter leadership experience?

The AMC-AT Leadership training is generally not for people who are new to the AMC since the training takes advantage of chapter leadership training and skills.  However, people with comparable leadership training (ADK, Sierra Club, GMC, etc.) are welcome to apply.  Please note that you will have to become a local AMC chapter leader before co-leading your first AMC-AT trip.

What do you learn in this leadership training that is different from the Chapter leadership training?

The AMC-AT leadership training focuses much more in-depth on logistics, budgeting and developing skills to deal with group dynamics over a longer time period.  It builds on your current leadership skills and knowledge of the AMC, its policies and procedures.  Topics covered include travel logistics, budgeting and reporting, application procedures, risk management, screening, marketing and group dynamics.  You are expected to arrive Friday night (or early Saturday) and stay until Sunday mid-afternoon.

How do you apply for the training?

Please register by October 25, 2013!

You may download the MS Word application form by clicking here or contact Merri Fox at 860-485-1697 or Nancy Holland, AMC Adventure Travel Program Coordinator, at 617-391-6587 and one of them can send you the form by regular mail.

 You should email (strongly preferred) the registration form to the Registrar, Merri Fox, at  or it may be submitted via postal mail to her.  It would also be helpful if you email the registration form to the AMC Adventure Travel Chair, Ralph Blumenthal at  You must also mail a check for $75, to cover the cost of lodging and food, made payable to Appalachian Mountain Club to: Merri Fox, 115 North Road, Harwinton, CT 06791.  If your registration is not accepted, your check will be returned to you.

Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by a member of the AMC-AT leadership training team.  You may be called for further screening.  Once you’ve been accepted into the training you will receive a brief homework assignment, which must be completed before the training commences on November 15th.

Attendance in the course is limited, so please register early!!

What if you have questions?

If you have any questions please contact Merri Fox, Registrar, at 860-485-1697, Ralph Blumenthal, AMC Adventure Travel Chair, at 732-264-8482, or Nancy Holland, AMC Adventure Travel Program Coordinator, at 617-391-6587.