Girl Scout Try-Its, Badges, and Interest Patches

The following is a un-official list of Girl Scout Activities related to the Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences as assembled by Elizabeth Goeke. These pages are meant as a resource for AWG members, Girl Scout leaders, and other interested parties.

I have provided suggestions for some of the activities along with what resources I've managed to find. If you have questions, additions of other references, or any general comments, please feel free to write me (


Brownie Try-Its

Brownies are girls in grades 1-3 (ages 6-10). To complete a Try-It, four of the listed activities must be completed by the girls.


Junior Badges

Juniors are girls grades 4-6 (ages 10-13). To complete a Badge, at least 6 activities must be undertaken by the girls. Yellow background badges are supposed to be more advanced then green backgrounds.

Interest Patches

Interest Patches are meant for what we used to call Cadettes (Middle School) and Seniors (High School). The Girl Scouts have chosen to develop a new program called "Studio2B" for girls aged 11-18, for whom these Interest Patches are still relevant. Interest Patches are divided up into four sections: Skill Builders, Technology, Service Projects, and Career Exploration. The girls must complete 2 Skill Builders, 1 Technology, 1 Service Project, 1 Career Exploration, and 2 more activities from any of the 4 categories (7 total).

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