MKI Reliability & Quality Assurance

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Tab Separated Value report

SIZE  DWG           REV      DESC                                                                       REF     
7T 99-00000 F Quality Assurance Manual 99-01000 General Instructions 5T 99-01001 E ..Alert System 5T 99-01002 B ..Drawings and Specifications 5T 99-01003 D ..Electrostatic Discharge, Handling of Parts and Equipment (ESD) 99-02000 Processes 5T 99-02001 B ..Inspection and Documentation 5T 99-02002 C ..Workmanship Requirements for Electornic Equipment 5T 99-02003 D ..Calibration Procedure for Measuring and Test Equipment 14T 99-02004 G ..Nonconforming Material And Nonconforming Material Reports 1T 99-02004.01 A ....MKI NMR FORM 1T 99-02004.02 A ....MKI NMR LOG 1T 99-02004.03 A ....MKI SCAR FORM 1T 99-02004.04 A ....Anomaly Report (Form) 12T 99-02005 E ..Audit System 3T 99-02006 B ..Receiving Inspection 7T 99-02007 B ..Inspection Stamps 5T 99-02008 D ..Fasteners 6T 99-02009 B ..In-Process and Final Inspection 5T 99-02010 D ..Procurement 6T 99-02011 B ..Testing of Discrete Electronic Parts 5T 99-02012 A ..Precision Cleaning Procedure 99-03000 Fabrication 4T 99-03001 C ..Fabrication Documentation 1T 99-03002 C ..Connector Mating and Demating Procedures 3T 99-03003 C ..Component Lead Preparation Procedure 5T 99-03004 B ..Cleaning Procedure for Items Entering the Cleanroom 4T 99-03005 A ..Cleanroom Maintenance 4T 99-03006 A ..CCD Transportation, Handling & Storage 99-08000 Reference Archive 8T 99-08001 - ..Printed Wiring Boards (Astro-E) 29-00103 5T 99-08002 B ..Detector Assembly Pressure Test Procedure 36-01424 7T 99-08003 B ..Packaging, Packing, Handling, Storage and Transportation (ACIS) 36-02030 3T 99-08004 B ..High Speed Tap, Installation and Removal Procedure (ACIS) 36-02035 13T 99-08005 G ..Printed Wiring Boards (ACIS) 36-02105 5T 99-08006 B ..Safe Handling of Flight Hardware Procedure (XTE) 64-02017.2009 3T 99-08007 A ..Procedure for Control of Metallic Raw Materials (XTE) 64-02017.2010 6T 99-08008 B ..Handling Detector Wires (XTE) 65-02017.3003 9T 99-08009 B ..Post-Vibration Quality Assurance Inspection Procedure 64-02017.3005