Large Lenslet Array Magellan Spectrograph

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What do all these funny numbers mean?

An explanation ...

Table of Contents

0.... Reference Documents
1.... Front End Assembly
2.... Fiber-Optic Run
3.... Spectrograph Unit Assembly
4.... Spectrograph Mounting Structure
5.... Support Equipment, Fixtures, Containers
9.... Prototype Spectrograph

Tab Separated Value report

60-00003 01 ..Documentation of Version Control and Configuration Control Software
60-09100 ..Prototype Electrical ICDs and Schematics
60-09101 A ..Prototype Software Control Overview
60-09102 B ..ProtoLLAMAS Spectrograph Block Diagram
60-09103 02 ..Prototype Front-End Block Diagram
60-10100 ..Box Assembly
60-10100.0001 ....Baseplate
60-10100.0002 ....Front Panel
60-10100.0003 ....Strain Relief Strip
60-10100.0004 A ....Tube clamp
60-10100.0005 ....Fiber clamp
60-10101 ..Hingeplate Subassembly
60-30100 Optical Bench Assembly
60-30100.0001 ....Optical Bench
60-90100.0004 A ..Prototype Push-Pull Hard Stop
60-90100.0005 A ..Prototype Strain Relief Mount Rib
60-90100.0006 A ..Prototype Carriage Assy I-beam
60-90100.0007 A ..Prototype Carriage Assy Rail
60-90101.0000 A ..Prototype red camera assembly
60-90101.0001 B ..Prototype red camera barrel
60-90101.0002 B ..Prototype Red L1 Bezel
60-90101.0003 C ..Prototype Red L2 Flex Bezel
60-90101.0004 B ..Prototype Red L3 Bezel
60-90101.0005 B ..Prototype Red L4-L5 Bezel
60-90101.0006 D ..Prototype Red L6-L7 Bezel
60-90101.0007 B ..Prototype Red L2-L3 Slotted Spacer
60-90101.0008 01 ..Prototype Red L2-L3 Threaded Spacer
60-90101.0009 B ..Prototype Red L3-L4 Spacer
60-90101.0010 01 ..Prototype Red L6-L7 Spacer
60-90101.0011 A ..Prototype Prototype Red Threaded Rod (GSE)
60-90102.0000 A Prototype BLUE CAMERA ASSEMBLY
60-90102.0001 B Prototype Blue Camera Barrel
60-90102.0002 B Prototype Blue L1 Bezel
60-90102.0003 D Prototype L2 Flex bezel
60-90102.0004 B Prototype L3 Bezel
60-90102.0005 B Prototype L4-L5 Bezel
60-90102.0006 B Prototype L6-L7 Bezel
60-90102.0007 C Prototype L8 Flex Bezel
60-90102.0008 B Prototype Blue L2-L3 spacer
60-90102.0009 B Prototype Blue L3-L4 spacer
60-90102.0010 B Prototype Blue L6-L7 spacer
60-90102.0011 A Prototype Blue threaded rod
60-90103.0000 A Prototype VPH Assembly
60-90103.0001 B ..Prototype VPH Ring
60-90103.0002 B ..Prototype VPH Frame
60-90103.0003 A ..Prototype VPH Retainer
60-90103.0004 A ..Prototype Red VPH Clamp
60-90103.0005 A ..Prototype Red Micrometer Mount
60-90103.0006 A ..Prototype Blue VPH Clamp
60-90103.0007 A ..Prototype Blue Micrometer Mount
60-90104.0000 A ..Prototype Focus Mechanism Assembly
60-90104.0001 B ..Prototype Barrel Interface Plate
60-90104.0002 B ..Prototype Camera Interface Plate
60-90104.0003 B ..Prototype Focus Motor Mount
60-90104.0004 B ..Prototype Detector Mount
60-90105.0000 A ..Prototype Camera Mount Assembly
60-90105.0001 B ..Prototype Camera Mount Base
60-90105.0002 B ..Prototype Mount Cradle A
60-90105.0003 B ..Prototype Mount Cradle B, Right
60-90105.0004 B ..Prototype Mount Cradle B, Left
60-90105.0005 B ..Prototype Mount Stiffener
60-90105.0006 B ..Prototype Rotation Adjuster, right
60-90105.0007 B ..Prototype Rotation Adjuster, Left
60-90106.0000 A ..Prototype Dichroic 1 Assembly
60-90106.0002 A ..Prototype Dichroic mount base
60-90106.0003 C ..Prototype Dichroic Frame 1a
60-90106.0004 C ..Prototype Dichroic Frame 1b
60-90106.0005 C ..Prototype Dichroic Frame 1c
60-90106.0006 A ..Prototype Dichroic Frame 2
60-90106.0007 C ..Prototype Fiber Support Blade
60-90106.0008 01 ..Prototype Fiber Blade Holder
60-90106.0009 A ..Prototype Delrin Stop
60-90106.0010 A ..Prototype Dichroic Strain Relief Strip
60-90106.0011 A ..Prototye flanged dichroic strain relief strip
60-90106.0012 A ..Prototype Dichroic Tube Clamp
60-90106.0013 A ..Prototype Dichroic Mounting Stud
60-90107.0000 A ..Prototype Collimator Assy
60-90107.0002 C ..Prototype Collimator Mount Base
60-90107.0003 C ..Prototype Collimator Frame A
60-90107.0004 C ..Prototype Collimator Frame B
60-90107.0005 C ..Prototype Collimator Frame C
60-90107.0006 C ..Prototype Collimator Frame D
60-90107.0007 C ..Prototype Collimator Frame E
60-90107.0008 C ..Prototype Collimator Frame F
60-90107.0009 C ..Prototype Collimator Frame G
60-90107.0010 C ..Prototype Collimator Frame Leg
60-90107.0011 A ..Prototype Collimator Contact Pad
60-90107.0012 B ..Prototype Collimator Wedge Adjuster
60-91000.0000 A ..Proto Front End Assembly
60-91100.0000 A ....Proto Front End Assembly
60-91100.0001 A ......Proto Baseplate
60-91100.0002 A ......Prototype front panel
60-91100.0003 B ......Prototype strain relief strip
60-91100.0004 B ......Prototype tube clamp
60-91100.0005 B ......Prototype fiber clamp
60-91100.0006 B ......Prototype Box Sidewall
60-91100.0007 B ......Prototype Box Top
60-91100.0008 B ......Prototype Box Top B
60-91100.0009 A ......Prototype Clamp Platform
60-91100.0010 B ......Prototype Patch Panel
60-91101 ....Proto Hingeplate Subassembly
60-91101.0001 A ......Proto Hingeplate
60-91101.0002 A ......Proto MLA Mask
60-91101.0003 A ......Proto MLA Mask Frame
60-91101.0004 A ......Proto Encoder Cover A
60-91101.0005 A ......Proto Encoder Cover B
60-91102.0001 A ......Proto Arm Base
60-91102.0002 A ......Proto Arm Backbone
60-91102.0003 A ......Proto Arm Rib
60-91102.0004 A ......Proto Arm Panel
60-91102.0005 A ......Proto Arm Interface Panel
60-91102.0006 A ......Proto Arm Stiffener