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What do all these funny numbers mean?

  1. The drawing number system for this project is described in the following for a typical drawing: aa-bbccdd.eeff
  2. Drawing size is indicated by prefixing the drawing size letter to the number. A T indicates a text document. A number prefix is also used for the number of sheets, ( e.g. 2B ). Controlled purchased parts are indicated by a > in this column.

    Revisions are shown by a letter in the Rev column. Initial releases are designated as A. Pre-released revisions are indicated by a number starting with 01. In the case of documents owned by other organizations, the revision letter is followed by an m, indicating that this is a "mirrored" copy.  In the case of documents subject to ITAR control or proprietary commercial restrictions, a q follows the revision letter.

    In the special case of Verification Reports, the drawing size indicates the number of individual reports contributing to the total. The revision letter will be either a P to indicate the item is partially verified or a C to indicate the item is complete.

    In the special case of Nonconforming Material Reports the revision letter has the following meaning:

  3. Drawings which show *** ? *** under the Description column will be purchased parts that have not yet been selected.

  4. The parent drawings as well as PDF versions are filed in the TESS data directory. The file name is of the form bccdd_eeffSk.rn and is write-protected from all access but that of the configuration manager.

  5. Sometimes numbers are assigned for things we know we'll need, but haven't gotten there yet. If a drawing does exist, clicking on the DWG # link will bring up a PDF version. Clicking on the REV link will bring you to the directory containing the current and past versions, in the original format as well as PDF.

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