Chandra X-ray Observatory at KSC

Latest update: Wed May 12 08:28:01 1999 EST

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Current Status:

  • Observatory is in the VPF

    Short Term Plan:

    Test Event History

    Day Activity Results Comments
    2/4/99 Arrive at KSC

    Door Opening in Ambient
    Plot of relevant data
    First three torques: 4,2, 11.7, and 13.4 in-lb.
    OBF Integrity checks
    Looks OK

    Test Notes from Engineering

    • ACIS is happy, give or take our (continuing) lack of knowledge as to why the door failed to open at the Observatory-level TV.
    • The fuse/solder joint failure on the PSMC DA Heater B input is stable and open.
    • Boards in the CTU and IU had suspect PC Boards and so have been replaced.

      Anomalies, Major and Minor:

      • As we come in the door at KSC, the following discrepencies exist:

        Phone Numbers

        KSC Trailer: 407-867-1428 -- ACIS
        KSC Trailer: 407-867-1816 -- HRC
        KSC Trailer: 407-867-1426 -- SAO MST
        KSC Trailer: 407-867-7548

        Name Function Work Home Notes
        Demitrios Athens Software GSE 258-5285 617-566-7668
        Mark Bautz Proj. Science 253-0023 781-863-2024
        Ed Boughan System Eng. 253-6146 508-470-1043 pager: 800-439-9827
        Mike Doucette Electrical GSE 253-3571 617-438-7690
        Peter Ford Software 253-7277 617-661-0868
        Bob Goeke Project Eng. 253-1910 781-729-8484 pager: 800-453-3658
        Fred Kasparian Mechanical 253-1065 617-327-6330
        Brian Klatt Quality 253-7555 508-785-1511
        Bill Mayer Project Mgr. 253-7552 508-692-3318
        Jim O'Connor Manufacturing 253-6139 617-335-2915
        Ellen Sen Thermal 253-8342 781-665-3568
        Matt Smith Contamination 252-1736 508-435-9970
        Mark Bautz Project Science 253-0023 617-566-6320
        Fred Baganoff pblock Guru 253-6892 781-643-4648
        Beverly LaMarr Science Coordinator 258-8153 617-776-0621 Lab: 3-7466
        Scott Texter TRW/Integration 310-813-1904
        pager: 888-975-7157
        Eric Vrem TRW/SIM 310-813-9075

        Joe Vogrin TRW/Thermal 310-813-0478

        Phase I T/V test record is still available.

        Phase II T/V test record is still available.

        ISIM Integration record is still available.

        AXAF at TRW Integration record is still available.

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