Corel WordPerfect8 Documentation

WordPerfect8 is currently available on all SUN workstations running Solaris within the CSR network. (It may also be available, at the owners' discretion, on some Linux boxes.) Within the SUN community one needs to add the appropriate path to your environment; e.g.:
   use xwp
and then invoke with the command
   xwp [filename]

Because of a minor incompatiblity between our print spooler and the standard issue spooler, you will have to specify a printer type and destination the first time you wish to print. From the Print menu choose "Select", "Printer Create/Edit", "Add", and choose from the list -- a standard Apple LaserWriter seems safe if have no clue. When you hit "OK" a printer driver will appear in your (new) ~/.wprc directory, but now you have to provide a printer address. Choose "Setup" in the Printer Create/Edit menu, then "Destination", and within the WPApp menu choose your favorite local output engine. (This is also how you choose to print to a file, by choosing "disk" from this list.) Now it is simply "OK" four times in a row and you're back to the print control window.

Comments to Bob Goeke. This page was last edited on 19 June 2000.