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Sep. 13-26, 2019


First Publication: 1801            Last Publication: 1902

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Come and join us to explore the wonders of the National Park of Saxon
Switzerland in Germany and Czech Republic, as well as the cultural and
historic cities of Dresden and Prague. If you are looking for holiday by
the sea between Dresden and Prague, you are about 100 million years
late! The Elbe Sandstone Mountains -- actually this common term for
Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland is misleading. To some it may look like a
mountain range. In reality it is the bed of a Cretaceous sea ~100
million years old. We will start our adventure in Dresden with a city
tour and two night stay to help overcome our jet lag. Then we will
travel by historic steamship down the Elbe River as it winds its way
through the National Park to our base for seven nights, Bad Schandau.
From there we will do some day hikes and explore several areas of the
National Park. After our seven nights in the area, we wil travel by
train to Prague, a truly magnificent city. There we will explore the
castle and immerse ourselves in the local history. A day trip to the
UNESCO site of Cesky Krumlov will complete our adventure. Dresden is
perfectly linked with the international transit network, and can be
reached from every direction by rail, car or air. In terms of
geographical size, Dresden is Germany's fourth-largest city after
Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. With 62 percent of its area covered by
forest and green space, Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe
and is considered a city of art and culture. Prague, City of Hundred
Spires, UNESCO monument and one of the most beautiful cities in the
world. Get to know it in person! When you arrive in Cesky Krumlov, you
will be captivated at first glance by the monumental panorama of the
chateau here, which rises above the picturesque renaissance architecture
of the adjacent little town. Taking a walk through the historical centre
will, thanks to its inimitable medieval character, leave you in no doubt
as to why Cesky Krumlov is one of the gems included on the UNESCO list.
Cost of the trip is $3,1325, plus estimated airfare of $900-1400.

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