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Sep. 1-9, 2018


First Publication: 1801            Last Publication: 1808

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The California Sierras are great territory for trekking away from roads.
The scenery is magnificent, with forests, streams, and lakes below peaks
and exposed rock mountainsides. The weather is dependably good, with
rain possible but unlikely, lots of sunshine, and comfortable
temperatures. The wide trails are excellent by northeastern standards,
offering easy footing. Both ascents and descents are relieved by plenty
of switchbacks. This trip offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the
backcountry camping experience without the burden of a heavy pack!
Llamas will accompany us and carry our group equipment and food, and 20
pounds of your personal gear. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy
this wonderful area with a much lighter pack. Llamas are a low impact
alternative to pack horses, easy-going and gentle enough that for more
than 20 years, the llama rancher has been sending his animals out
without professional wranglers. We plan to cover 55 miles in six days,
from Leavitt Meadows to Kennedy Meadow on the Sonora Pass road over the
Sierra crest. The route is a long loop, with opportunities for extension
if circumstances make that desirable. With a starting trailhead at 7100
feet, and a maximum elevation just under 10,000 feet, eastern hikers in
good condition should have no altitude issues. Our price of $1400
includes all meals, ground transportation, llama rental, and last
night's motel lodging, but NOT your airfare to San Francisco and home.

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