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July 7-21, 2018


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Have you ever wondered what traveling and hiking in Slovenia would be
like? Do you enjoy alpine villages, beautiful scenery, delicious food,
wonderful hiking and new adventures? Then you should join us as we set
off to explore the Julian Alps (named for Julius Caesar) in the
northwestern part of the country within yodeling distance of both the
Italian and Austrian borders. Here, the mountain culture has a Slavic
flavor. One of our potential hikes will take us to the top of a mountain
where all three countries meet! The northwestern corner of Slovenia,
bordering Austria and Italy, is crowned by the Julian Alps. The
Slovenian mountainsides are laced with hiking paths, blanketed in deep
forests, and speckled with ski resorts and vacation chalets. Beyond
every ridge is a peaceful alpine village nestled around a quaint Baroque
steeple. And in the center of it all is Mount Triglav, Slovenia's
national symbol and tallest mountain. Most of the Julian Alps are
encompassed by Triglav National Park (Triglavski Narodni Park) which is
one of the largest national reserves in Europe. It is a pristine,
visually spectacular world of rocky mountains- the centerpiece of which
is Mount Triglav (2864m), the country's highest peak - as well as river
gorges, ravines, canyons, caves, rivers, streams, forests and Alpine
meadows. Visitors are pleasantly surprised to find Slovenia's rolling
countryside dotted with quaint alpine villages and the spires of
miniature Baroque churches, with breathtaking, snowcapped peaks in the
distance. The country has a funny way of making people fall in love with
it. Slovenes are laid back, easygoing, stylish and fun. Slovenes brag
that their country, with 56 percent of the land covered in forest, is
Europe's second-greenest. We will take in all of this greenery, and
learn to recognize the characteristic Slovenian hayracks (recognized as
part of the national heritage and now preserved). Mount Triglav (Three
Heads) stands watch over the Julian Alps, and all of Slovenia. Slovenes
say that its three peaks are the guardians of the water, air and earth.
This mountain defines Slovenes, even adorning the nation's flag. We will
divide our time between Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and two
alpine villages; the Lake Bohinjska area and Kranjska Gora. We like to
stop occasionally to enjoy the magnificent mountain views, look for
animals, and admire the alpine wildflowers (which should be plentiful),
or take photographs. The first few days will feature low-level hikes to
acclimatize you carefully to the altitude. Thereafter, at higher
elevations the intermediate day hikes will range from 4 to 6 hours in
length, with elevation change (ups and downs) varying from 1500 ft. to
2000 ft. per day. Cost $2615 est. airfare $1500-1750 .

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For details contact L Ginette Beaudoin,,
207-590-4431; CL Anna Panszczyk, 617-429-2175 .

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